Pomerelle ski patrol reminds people about avalanche safety

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IDAHO (KMVT/KSVT) A woman is in the hospital after getting caught in an avalanche near Jackson Hole.

KMVT went to Pomerelle to find out what people should carry to stay safe if they get caught in an avalanche.

For Trent Pinther, it's his job to know everything about avalanches, as part of the ski patrol at Pomerelle.

Pinter said that before heading out to the slopes, people need to do some research.

“Knowing what your slopes are looking like, what's prone to avalanches, or not, knowing your weather patterns. Knowing your forecast, what happened with the snow pack,” Pinther explained.

And when it comes to being on the mountain itself.

"There's a handful of items that anybody should carry if they're going to be out around the avalanche territory,” he said.

He said that everything can easily fit in a backpack, and that besides walkie-talkies, people should carry a shovel, as well as an avalanche probe.

“If you were to have someone buried, you can stab this through the snow and you can find the victims, so that a good way to locate somebody once they’re in,” Pinter said about the probe.

And there's one more important piece.

“The transceiver, or the beacon, so this sends out a signal, if you happen to get buried, other people in your group that have this unit can start finding your signal and can locate you with this device,” Pinther explained.

He had one final suggestion.

“Just know before you go is the famous saying,” he explained.

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