Buhl author hosts book signing

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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Members of the Buhl community came out to support one of their own who just recently released a book.

David Erickson has lived in Buhl since the 1960s, originally from North Dakota.

His book he was promoting was "Jack and the War Babies", a fiction work. It details the journey of the character traveling through Montana with no plan.

"I want them to be entertained and in many cases, people who are retired or beyond 60 years of age can relate to my work because they experienced adventures of their own. We like joy-filled books," he said.

Erickson's other book "The Muddy River Boys" is about the childhood of boys lives when their fathers go off to war and they had freedom to do anything.

"I never knew after my formal education where I thought writing was plain drudgery, I never knew I would have 100 percent turn around and discover that writing is truly infectious," Erickson said.

The meet the author and book signing event took place in AT Art and Treasures, a small local vintage art and bookstore.

Erickson said he wants to promote the smaller shops as they may be struggling because of bigger retailers.

"There’s a true, hidden need for local bookstores and that’s my goal to go across Montana, Idaho to sell," he said.

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