540K people ride the bus in Wood River Valley | New record for Mountain Rides

(KMVT/KSVT) More people rode the bus in the Wood River Valley in 2017 compared to previous years, according to the Mountain Rides Transportation Authority.

Mountain Ride officials told a KMVT reporter that a new record of more than 540,000 people rode the bus, which was a 3 percent increase from 2016 that saw 522,000 people using the bus.

Interim Executive Director Ben Varner said that staff work hard to maintain a safe and reliable transportation service to residents from Bellevue to Hailey and throughout the Sun Valley regions.

“We work really hard to keep our drivers, our passengers safe, put hundreds and hundreds of hours training together each year that every driver goes through, and to know that we carried a record amount of people and done it as safely as we can possibly be, it’s really a pat on the back to our staff,” Varner said.

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