8K pounds of donated dog food to benefit rescues and shelters

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Friends Furever Animal Rescue in Twin Falls recently received a donation of 8,000 pounds of dog food from Animal Supply in Meridian.

"He contacted me, and fortunately I was able to accept that load,' said Dave Wright, the founder of Friends Furever.

The problem was the rescue had no way to transport the donation to the Magic Valley, so Wright posted to Facebook for help.

"Kruse Nationwide, a local trucking company immediately stepped up," he said.

The company is based out of Filer, and when staff heard about the donation they offered to drive it down in one of their empty trucks, free of charge.

"We had a truck that emptied out with a load of wine from California into Idaho and was coming home empty and I thought let's get it picked up and get it moved down," said co-owner Lorie Kruse.

Now that the food is safely stored in Filer, Wright is contacting rescues and shelters in the area to fill food needs.

"We’re probably looking in the neighborhood of about 400 pounds per request," he said.

Wright said this size of donation will help buy food many of the local shelters can't afford.

"Small town shelters, their budgets are either small or nonexistent, so they rely on this kind of donation," he said.

As for the Kruse family, they aren't planning to write off the trip. They said they just want to see dogs happy and safe.

“I’ve never had a dog not tell me thank you,” Kruse said. "If everybody in the community works together, gives what you can, do what you can, the problems seem to start taking care of themselves and working themselves out."

Wright said he hopes more corporations in the community step up to help.

"I'd like to see our community step up to that," he said, "our other businesses and corporations in our community to step up to that too and to just see the benefit that they'll reap from it."

If you are in need of some dog food, or want to volunteer to help distribute the donations, you can contact Wright on the Friends Furever Animal Rescue Facebook page.

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