Rupert Navy sailor submerges in submarine with father

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Naval Petty Officer 2nd Class Cody Pfeiffer, of Rupert, called his parents early one morning with a surprise.

"Yeah, went from nervousness to really exciting to hear that he was able to offer that opportunity,” Cody’s father Jerry Pfeiffer said in regards to receiving an out-of-the-blue, early phone call.

The Tiger Cruise, as they nicknamed it, was a reward for the sailors because of their training achievements.

"I’ve been in for a little over four years and this is the first time we've had the opportunity to do this. So it's not a super common thing to do. It's an opportunity for us to allow a male guest of ours, like a brother or father, to come and just see what we do on a submarine and how we operate," Cody said.

Jerry flew across the country, boarded a submarine, submerged for three days for a glimpse into his son's life. They were patrolling around the waters of Halifax, Nova Scotia, off the coast of Maine and Canada.

"It was a great opportunity to try to run around and show him the cool parts. After the cool little things start to go, then you just get to experience how mundane and repetitive the days are and everything," Cody said.

As a father watching his son complete his daily duties left Jerry feeling proud. But being in the close quarters of a submarine where every space is utilized, extra bodies almost felt in the way.

"It’s pretty rare with submarines, so when he chose that area I didn't think it would be anything that would ever be offered. It was really awesome," Jerry said.

During his time submerged, Jerry completed tasks assigned by the captain and crew to receive his submarine qualification certificate all while spending time with his son.

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