A Buhl family continues to host a free Christmas dinner

BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Monday afternoon, a Buhl family put on a free Christmas dinner at the West End Senior Center.

This is the second year the family put on the free dinner, they said it's for people who didn't want to be alone on Christmas Day or just looking to make friends.

Last year the family wished to remain anonymous, but Shanelle Cantrell said it all got started after they suffered a terrible loss.

“We had some family passed away and it was really heartbreaking, sometimes our traditions get broken,” Cantrell said.

They decided not to dwell on their sorrows and make the most of the holiday to spread joy.

“We decided to throw this together to people who are lonely or just sad and their traditions can’t be the same ever again and we just want people to have a fun time,” she said.

Cantrell and her family received donations from the community such as food, and items to be raffled off.

“We have bingo and prizes and TV to win and just made it fun just exciting we have a great turned out this year I’m really excited,” she said.

The family hopes to continue to provide the free dinner next Christmas.

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