AAA: Now is the time to buy airplane tickets for holiday travel

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Even though it's only September, AAA is giving travelers advice on when to buy plane tickets for holiday traveling.

AAA Idaho's Matthew Conde tells KMVT that while plane tickets may be cheaper to buy last minute, buying them one or two months in advance will eliminate some of the stress of traveling for the holidays.

Conde said late September is the best time when it comes to seat availability and price, according to the research they did, which included tracking ticket prices and trends.

“Of course there are always good savings to be had very, very late in the game, right before traveling for the holidays," Conde said. "But of course, then you have the issue of greater chance of layovers, maybe extremely limited availability, so those situations may be worth it for someone who's traveling on a budget or spontaneously."

Conde also said that while the recent oil attack in Saudi Arabia may cause an increase in jet fuel, but he doesn't see anyone making changes to their travel plans because of it.

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