AAA issues reminder for drivers to pay attention to water on the road

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The weather is warming up and spring is coming and some areas have already seen flooding with the snow melting.

Places in the Mini-Cassia area, Lincoln County and the Wood River Valley have either already seen flooding, or may soon see flooding, with the rising temperatures and melting snow.

KMVT talked with Matthew Conde of AAA, who issued a reminder that even though drivers may think the coast is clear with the snow melting, they still need to be aware of hidden dangers, such as hydroplaning, driving on snow, and following distance.

“So when it comes to your following distance, that's the thing we really hit home on. If you’re talking about 2-3 seconds on a nice sunny day, summer driving, you really want to think more like 8-10 seconds if you’re following people in wet, icy conditions,” Conde explained.