ADA sidewalk installation blocks roads, sidewalks

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - You may have noticed some parts of the roads or sidewalks closed across Twin Falls.

If the corner of the sidewalk is dug up and blocked off, chances are they are in the process of an ADA sidewalk installation.

The project will make it more accessible for pedestrians and safer for drivers.

The City works on eight intersections at a time.

City Spokesperson Josh Palmer says they divided the City into districts to minimize the impact on traffic.

"We'll address as much of our roadwork, infrastructure work, sidewalk rebuilding, ADA ramp rebuilding into one of those districts. So when we're finished with this district this summer, we'll move on to another district within the city," explained Palmer.

Palmer says it usually takes a day to install the sidewalks.

The length and timing of the project depends on the weather and available funds, which includes grants and city funds set aside.

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