UPDATE: Jerome boil advisory lifted

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — UPDATE (Oct. 16)
Jerome city officials confirmed Monday morning that a boil advisory for the southeast part of Jerome that went into effect Wednesday was lifted Friday afternoon.

After collecting water samples from the locations of concern, test for contaminants indicated the water is safe to drink.

UPDATE (Oct. 13 at 3:30 PM)

The boil advisory effecting residents in southeastern Jerome will remain in effect throughout the weekend. Michael Brown said when testing the water one of the tests came back with a trace of Coliform, not E. coli.

Coliform is a bacteria organism that will not cause illness but the presence of it in drinking water indicates that disease-causing pathogens could be in the water.

There is no immediate health danger to residents. The city will continue the boil advisory until all tests come back clean. They are continuing to disinfect, flush and test the water.


Crews working to connect a new water main Wednesday afternoon left about 100 homes temporarily without water in southeastern Jerome.

Rick Wuori, city engineer and interim public works director, said they expect water to be restored sometime Wednesday evening. City officials issued a boil advisory for those effected residents. The city plans to have water samples collected and tested for possible contaminants.

The city expects test results on Friday. Until then, the city asks residents to boil their water.

Wuori said construction crews have been working to install a new water main along East Avenue I and turned water off in the early afternoon to make the final connections.

The Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water and Engineering Manager Michael Brown said the boil advisory is a standard precautionary measure.

“Anytime you depressurized the system you have the potential for something to get in,” he said.

The area impacted includes homes on South Buchanan Street between East Avenue H and East Avenue I.

East Avenue I from South Buchanan to South Davis Street,

South Davis Street between East H and Candlelight Park,

A small portion of East Avenue K and East Avenue J and South Cleveland and South Eisenhower.

Wuori said this is one of the final main connections as the project heads toward completion. Wuori hopes they won’t have any more issues like this.

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