Accreditation team keeps hospital on track

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Behind the doctors and nurses in health care are several layers that make sure the hospital is operating comparable to national regulations.

"Accreditation is one of those protective layers," said Jon Scallin, Regional Director of Accreditation.

A group of specialists who are a part of the accreditation team travel to different hospitals in the southern Idaho region to make sure each location is in compliance with the safety standards.

"Nobody wants to come to work to do harm, so we provide those practices to make sure that our providers can give the best care and feel good about the care their providing," said Trish Heath, Emergency Management.

As standards are constantly changing, it's important that the accreditation team is consistently looking for ways to improve and adapt.

"We also devote a lot of our time a lot of our energy in keeping up with what's going on around the country," said Scallin. "Looking at what's happening as a trend in healthcare."

"You know there may be some tweaking to it, what works in New York City may not necessarily work here in the Magic Valley, but parts of it can," said Heath.

Through monthly meetings the team is able to exchange ideas with other hospitals in the St. Luke's system and find out what works and what doesn't.

"If somebody has a great idea in Treasure Valley, we can come into the Magic Valley and put that into place," said Heath.

In order to prepare for those state surveys, the team visits various areas of the hospital to try to find any risks and address them before being audited.

"Our team has been very focused on proactively getting out there and looking for those threats to safety, those risk points for us as an organization.," said Scallin.

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