Acting governor declares state of emergency for Gooding County

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Wednesday morning acting Governor Brad Little declared a state of emergency for Custer, Elmore and Gooding counties.

The coordinator for the Department of Emergency Management in Gooding said it's important they're on the list because then they can get any federal money that may become available.

That money would be able to help those effected by the flooding, like the Vega family.

Eduardo and his wife Shaleana got married last June right after buying their first home on the edge of Gooding city limits, but they haven't been able to spend much time in it. The home is surrounded by water. the couple has been staying with family in town since late-March.

"We tried to come back to the house but good thing my wife said not to because the water came back," Eduardo said.

The couple said they were unable to purchase flood insurance since they don't live on a marked flood plane, so the cost of any damages is on their shoulders.

They have a GoFundMe account that is linked below if you'd like to donate.

Gooding County is asking that if you have any damages to your property record it and report it to the Emergency Management Department in case any aid becomes available.

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