Ada County Paramedics debuts $300K armored ambulance

Courtesy of Ada County Paramedic's Facebook page
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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Ada County Paramedics unveiled a brand-new vehicle to help the team in dangerous situations - a custom-made armored ambulance.

The ambulance, plated in black bulletproof metal with the word "RESCUE'' on the side, made its debut Monday after Chris Shandera, of the Ada County Paramedics' Tactical Medical Team, filled out the grant paperwork necessary to receive the vehicle more than a year ago.

The $312,000 ambulance, delivered by the Department of Homeland Security, will accompany the Ada County Paramedics' Tactical Medical Team when they join SWAT teams in the field. It will offer paramedics a safe place to render aid to those injured, other than the claustrophobic confines of the SWAT vehicles themselves. It also gives them a place to store more medical equipment

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