Air Force Base tested for contaminated water

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TWIN FALLS, Id (KMVT/KSVT) The military plans to examine hundreds of sites nationwide to determine whether chemicals from foam used to fight fires have contaminated groundwater and spread to drinking water.
Mountain Home and Ewan Field are on the list of bases for possible contamination.
The military is working to examine hundreds of sites to determine whether or not the chemicals used to put out fuel fires... Have contaminated drinking water.
Perfluorinated chemicals – otherwise known as p–f–o–s and p–f–o–a – have been found in wells in rural Virginia... They've also found high levels in the groundwater in New Jersey.
Recent studies show – these chemicals could be associated with prostate, testicular and kidney cancer.
A spokesman for Gowen Field said they've received a preliminary evaluation in May of last year. But they are scheduled to receive further inspection in 20–17.
28 naval sites have been tested since December.
We also reached out to the Idaho department of environment quality... But no one was immediately available to comment on any ground water testing that may have happened here in Idaho.
The defense department says that they have no choice but to use the foam with these chemicals, until another one is created.