Alpha Summit brings scientists together

JEROME, Id. ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A technical summit in Jerome is bringing together scientists from all over the world.
Davisco Foods hosted the event to discuss a protein found in human milk.
The food company produces the cleanest form available at 92 percent purity at the Jerome Cheese Company.
Scientists in attendance came from China, New Zealand, and Ireland, to name just a few places.
Summit attendees first went to Canyon Crest for a discussion.
They then received a tour of the Jerome Cheese Facility, which can create more than a million pounds of the protein in a year.
Vice President of New Business Development Polly Olson explained, "many of the people are going to be put together that have never been together that have a common bond and they are going to hopefully stimulate a summit attitude and have a lot of discussion and innovation that can potentially come from having the alpha–lactalbumin in their products, from infant formula to pharmaceutical products."
Scientists believe the formula will be especially valuable for infant nutrition, as their products more closely resemble human breast milk.