New section opens in downtown renovation project

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Another section of the Main Avenue renovation project in Downtown Twin Falls just finished and opened up.

Twin Falls's Director of Economic Development and Urban Renewal Nathan Murray said they just finished the third block between Shoshone and Hansen streets.

He says they aim to have the fourth block finished by Oct. 20 and hopes to have the final stage finished and completed by Nov. 4.

Some business owners like Keith Brown said it has been a long time coming since sales have gone down and he cannot wait to see the result.

Brown said, "We're also looking at the other side of it. The long term effects will be greater when the new downtown is done."

Brown's Home Furnishings business has taken a hit with sales, but he says he is optimistic.

Renovations in downtown are coming along and on time.

"We're doing well, we're tracking well, we're right on schedule and this is where we anticipated to be and we're under budget, which is good," Murray said.

He said the planned budget was $6.5 million and said it looks like it might come in to about $6.3 million.

The new city hall building is still underway and Murray said the building will be occupied by the end of October.

Murray said the new commons plaza will start construction this month as well and the final materials will be delayed until spring due to the upcoming winter weather.

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