Apple coding class comes to Rupert to recruit students

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 4:28 PM MDT
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A group called

and Apple joined together to bring more coding education to the Magic Valley.

The program is to help the community complete a curriculum and create an application for an iPad, iPhone or Macbook. They held two recruiting sessions in Rupert on Tuesday.

Charles Buck, the associate vice president o the University of Idaho, said the app economy is growing rapidly. He said it's estimated to be at $1.3 trillion.

Participants will be guided by mentors to create their application.

"That tangible app is the outcome of this program and will give these folks a chance to put that on their resume or when they're looking for another job or with their current employers," Buck said.

The program is part of the 4-H program with the University of Idaho Extension Office.