Water safety training for the Army Reserves

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT) - Soldiers at the 1016th Army Reserves unit participated in the Combat Water Safety training Saturday afternoon at the YMCA in Twin Falls.

This training is meant to help prepare soldiers for hazardous scenarios that require them to know how to survive in water.

Cadet Moak says the training builds confidence, preparedness, and safety.

"By knowing how to work in a hazardous environment, we are able to guarantee the safety of soldiers and bring them home should they ever be deployed into a combat zone," Moak said.

Approximately 120 soldiers rotated through four main water exercises.

The first station is called a jump–off, where they hold a fake M-16 rifle blindfolded and jump off the diving board into the water.

Another station is the equipment ditch where the soldiers put on their equipment vests and hold an M-16 and jump in the water. They then get rid of their gear and swim back up carrying the rifle.

They also have what’s called the rifle carry swim, in which they swim 15 meters keeping the rifle above the water.

The last station is the improvise flotation station where they use their uniform as a flotation device.

Lt. Jonathan Darnell says training also benefits the public by preparing soldiers to save lives in the community.

"We wanted to come out and show ourselves to the community to let them know we're here and we care about them and that we want to be a force of good and positive influence," Moak said.

These trainings happen periodically and there are no set dates. The unit is currently planning future events to serve the community.

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