BBB warns of email phishing scams relating to online orders

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Amazon Prime Day ends Tuesday and for some, they may be getting their packages tomorrow. Putting you first KMVT spoke to the Better Business Bureau about what con artists are looking for on busy days like this annual sales event.

File image of a mailbox (KMVT)

Jeremy Johnson, with the BBB, said scammers know consumers are constantly getting packages to their front doorstep.

In the past month, they've been seeing some delivery scams and con artists phishing for information.

Sometimes they will send out random emails that may look real, saying there is an issue with an online order and the delivery service provider says they need more information, including credit card numbers.

"It's not specifically targeting you because they have somehow figured out you're getting a package. A lot of these emails and phone calls are just moving on assumptions that most people probably (do)," she said. "And, if people say 'Oh, I haven't ordered anything' they say, 'Oh, well, someone has sent you a gift and we're trying to work it out to get that to you.'"

She urges people to just be wary and consumers should do their own research.

If someone gets an email about a package coming and they never ordered anything or even emails that look like they're from UPS or Fedex. She said people should go directly to the websites and get information themselves instead of licking random links.

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