Audiologist help patients preserve precious sense

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) If you're having trouble hearing or are dealing with a ringing in your ears, it might be time to visit with an audiologist.

The most common form of hearing loss, is the type associated with aging.

Often times a loved one may notice a change in someone's ability to hear or understand things clearly.

Usually a primary care physician will recommend you visit with a specialist.

It's a very common condition in which genetics plays a major role, but audiologists also see newborns, and sometimes individuals who are dealing with inner ear or balance issues.

“It makes us look at a hearing loss a little more closely,” said Dr. Bob Jensen. “It used to just kind of be a joke people laugh say you know 'grandpa can't hear, it’s funny.' But really it's something we need to pay a little bit more attention to. And that's why it's important to come in and get it checked and make sure that we can give you suggestions or point you in the right direction on how to help your hearing health.”

Dr. Jensen suggests if you wear ear buds a lot, try to give your ears a break every thirty minutes and keep the volume to a "talking" level.

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