Author inspires Rock Creek students to have fun with reading

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Students at Rock Creek Elementary got inspiration Wednesday when an author stopped by for an assembly.

Author Alane Adams made the stop at the school, talking to first- through fifth-graders about writing, the elements of telling stories and even taking time to answer questions.

KMVT talked with a few fifth-graders to see what their favorite part of the assembly was and just why they think the assembly was important.

"There's always a problem and a solution, and why a good guy always has to win,” Michael Pena explained.

His sister Brooklyn Pena also chimed in.

"Reading is very important for your knowledge, and learning,” Brooklyn stated.

Fifth-grader Valerie Black a plans to read Adams' books and explained what she learned.

"Kind of the steps of how you make a book, and then a little bit about her books,” Valerie said.

Adams currently has eight books published, which range from picture books for younger kids, and then longer books for older kids, and has more planned as well.

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