Fire officials: Always report wildfires, no matter how big or small

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Elevated wildfire conditions for parts of Idaho may have citizens wondering when is the best time as well as what warrants a call to authorities about wildfires.

According to Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management, people should always call in a wildfire no matter how big or small. Authorities would prefer to have multiple people call on the same fire rather than have none report a wildfire that turns into a bigger problem, spokesperson for the Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management Kelsey Brizendine said.

"Call 911 or call your local fire station because we want to know," Brizendine said. "You don't know if someone's reported it or not."

Brizendine said people should to be prepared to answer question from the dispatcher, and always make sure they're in safe area before making the call. She also says never to go into the fire area, as it's never safe for civilians.

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