BBB warns of dangers while using mobile paying apps

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 8:05 PM MDT
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With the touch of a button, one can simply pay their friend for pizza or any other item through an easy mobile paying application. However, the Better Business Bureau warns consumers to be a little cautious when using them.

Jeremy Johnson, with the BBB, said there are risks when using mobile paying apps such as Venmo, Apple Pay or even Samsung Pay.

"You do definitely want to put a strong password or some identity, identification on that app," she said.

This will help deter thieves if someone just drops their phone, so they can't go onto it and pay themselves.

"One thing we see with these apps is if people are using them to buy or sell things, out in the community. You do want to realize that these apps have about a three day processing window," Johnson said. "So, it may look like you have the money but that person can retract that payment and you would be out your item and you would be out your money."

Johnson also urges consumer to not use their debit card on the applications.

Adding a credit card rather than debit card is better, because if there is any fraud on accounts, credit card companies are easier to work with to getting money back.

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