BLM gears up to track fuel vegetation and fire rehabilitation projects

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Bureau of Land Management crews are gearing up for their field monitoring in May, which consists of taking samples of the vegetation and seeing what kind is growing at the sites.

"We also go out there after post-fire seeding," said BLM Fuels Module Lead Shaynee Potucek. "We want to see if our seeding is successful and what vegetation is coming up and just utilize that vegetation collection just to make sure that our treatments are successful or not and what's working."

When it comes to fire crews combating wildfires, knowing what's fueling those fires is critical for them to have the upper-hand.

BLM fuel loading projects aims to help fire crews with information on what type of fuel moisture brush or grass have.

"We'll actually take samples of perennial grasses and annual grasses and that will help determine how much fuel is out there," said Potucek. "That helps us kind of predict where future fires are going to happen or when the next fire will happen."

While fire officials make it their effort to prepare for the fire season, this spring the public can also help prevent from fires to spark.

"Create what we call a 'defensible space' around their home," said Jerome Fire Department Lt. David Lacelle."That's moving any wood piles, should be 30 feet away from any buildings, trim your trees back, keep your lawn and the ground mow down to help create that defensible space so if a fire does come through, it won't burn as hot."

Idaho Firewise, Inc. has a website set up to provide more fire education information.

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