BLM in the midst of hiring process, looking for emergency firefighters

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SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Bureau of Land Management is diving deep into their hiring process right now.

Kelsey Brizendine, with the BLM, said applications are usually posted mid-December and close Jan. 2, then they start their hiring process.

However, because of the federal government shutdown, they are in the midst of going through applications.

"We’re doing OK. We’re not quite there to a delay yet, but everyone's working really hard to get that stuff to us. The guys that are evaluating the applications are working really hard," she said. "We’re not behind, we’re not necessarily where we’d like to be, but we’re not necessarily behind either."

This year, they plan to hire about 50 new people. This number is determinate on previous fire seasons, how many people decide to come back from previous years and funding.

While that application is closed, resumes are being accepted for an emergency firefighter position.

"Those are people who are picked up just for the fire and then they’re laid back off after the fire is over, so kind of an idea of what you’re getting into, without fully getting into it," she said. "That’s kind of a cool way to try it out. See if you like it, see what aspects you do or don’t like without fully committing to a 40 hour a week job."

Qualifications for that job including being over the age of 18 and having at least six months of general work experience.

She said applicants do not need fire experience as they will train them.

The emergency fire position is on a fire case basis and then they could be laid off.

Brizendine explained that the person can be called for one fire, multiple fires or none at all.

If anyone is interested, Brizendine said they can visit the BLM offices and submit a resume directly to the operation specialists in those offices.

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