Balance machine helps improve everyday life for patients

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Many people take their balance for granted and those are looking to improve their condition might use the Bertec Balance Advantage at St. Luke’s Magic Valley.

On August 17th Dr. Jonathon Myers and his team climbed Mt. Borah after raising $125,000 for the machine.

“Originally developed mostly with people with inner ear conditions but also has a lot of application to neurological conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury,” said Cole Small, Physical Therapist.

An initial diagnostic is conducted to determine a patients abilities and then they use programs to improve their score.

“It takes them from being a high fall risk to a low fall risk which is pretty huge for a lot of folks,” said Small.

One of the programs includes an airplane simulation.

“If you go on your toes it’s going to bring the nose down and if you bring heels it’ll bring it up,” explained Small.

After a brief tutorial you try to navigate the plane through hoops to gain points.

“It’s a rubber plane, you can go under water too,” said Small.
Another program mimics a grocery store.

“So the shopping aisle is moving around you and then you’re shifting your weight to move objects around,” said Small.

Something patients enjoy because they use those skills in their everyday life.

“Several of my patients have made like forty point improvements,” said Small. “So it’s night and day before we use it to after we use it just how much they improve.”

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