Barigar remains Twin Falls mayor, councilwoman selected for vice-mayor post

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Twin Falls City Council re-selected Shawn Barigar as mayor during Tuesday’s meeting.

Councilwoman Nikki Boyd was voted vice-mayor by the council, 6-0.

Twin Falls City Council selected a new mayor Tuesday night as the two-year term for Shawn Barigar is up.

President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Barigar said Twin Falls is one of the few cities in Idaho that runs as a council-manager form of government, meaning the city has a city manager that runs the day-to-day operations rather than the mayor. If a mayor is elected by the public, they would then be responsible for the day-to-day operations.

“In other cities where the mayor is elected, the mayor is responsible day-to-day operations,” Barigar said. “It's a full time job, but Twin Falls has been different since, I think the late ‘40s, since that form of government was adopted."

"If there were a large number of people in the community who wanted to push that forward, that could be something that the council could take on and vote on," Barigar said of constituents voting instead of council members.

He said a motion was considered a few years ago to change from council votes to a mayoral race but "failed with the council that was in place at that time."

Barigar said he would like to serve as mayor again.

"A lot of great things have happened over the last two year. Certainly there have been some challenges as well," he continued. "But, I feel like as mayor, I've been able to help navigate that, help preserve our community values, help make sure we had robust community discussion of these issues and keep us moving forward, and I hope to keep that momentum going."

While only six city council members were present, three ran for mayor. Suzanne Hawkins and Chris Talkington presented speeches to the council, vying in the election for mayor and losing to incumbent Barigar after six city council members voted.

Three new city council members were also sworn in Tuesday.

Correction: The initial story said City Council meeting was held Monday. Twin Falls City Council meetings are usually held on Monday, but this one was held Tuesday due to the New Year's holiday. KMVT regrets this error.

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