Twin Falls family reunite Basque carving door with original owners

Published: Nov. 20, 2017 at 4:01 PM MST
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A Twin Falls family is set up to reunite a Basque carving door with the original owners thanks to social media.

Frank Hernandez is the owner of the house in Alder Drive close to Twin Falls High School, and on Saturday he put a post on Facebook, asking if anyone knew who the owner was of the wood carving door. Immediately the post was shared by many.

“I don’t know what it means (writing) but being a kid back then and looking at it...It’s cool," said Rudy Hernandez.

Rudy is Frank’s son and said many have come up to look at the Basque door.

“We had offerings on it and a lot people were just offering and making prices and my dad wanted to give it back to the people that used to live here before,” Rudy said.

On Monday through the Facebook post, the Basque door was claimed by Abby Uriguen Gabiola, who now lives in Nebraska.

Rudy feels great the door will be returned back to who it belongs.

“It has a lot more meaning to it for them than us," he said.

KMVT reached out to Abby Uriguen Gabiola for comment but received no response