Officials: "Be aware of your surroundings" following Jerome County rock slide

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A viewer sent KMVT videos and pictures of a rock slide that happened Sunday along the Snake River Canyon in Jerome County. Putting you first, we spoke with the emergency preparedness department about how they monitor for rock slides.

Following the rock slide Sunday near the Blue Lakes Country Club in Jerome County, KMVT found out what to do if you are caught near one. (Source: Dylan Lopez).

Rock slides are unlike other natural disasters because it is hard to know when they are going to occur.

"If you live in or recreate in an area that is prone to rock slides, make sure you are aware of your surroundings," said Tanya Stitt from the department of emergency management.

People can prepare for flooding or snow storms, but rock slides are random. The best way to not become stuck in one is to be aware of ones surroundings and listen.

“As far as knowing when a rock slide is going to happen on our canyon walls, we don't have anything right now that can tell exactly when and where a rock slide is going to happen," Stitt said. "And that's why it's just best to be prepared, if you do see something, like a rock slide, you know especially if it impacts one of our roads, if you see something, say something."

She says since much of the canyon is private property, it is the property owner’s responsibility to deal with the rock slides, unless someone gets hurt, then the police will come to help.

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