Beards for Boobs, honoring breast cancer awareness month

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Gehrig, Dale and Co. Barber Shop in downtown Twin Falls was inspired by another local business to give out stickers each month.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf went to the shop to learn more about the fundraiser.

Most around Twin Falls know him as Stan the Barber.

"I saw a thing on Facebook and today it said what you have done to be kind. I've been enough of a putts a lot of times in my life that trying to be nice helps," Stan Sorenson said.

Stan Sorenson is the owner of Gehrig, Dale and Co. Barber Shop, and decided to find a way to give back to the community.

"My grandmother, well had breast cancer, my great-grandmother had breast cancer, and I had an aunt who had breast cancer so I thought what a better month to start this than October,” Sorenson said. “So we came up with our Beard for Boobs sticker and they're three of our favorite things so we want to see what we can do."

When Rumpf asked Sorenson what those three favorite things were he responded with, "Two boobs one beard."

The pink stickers have the shop's logo on them and are available to anyone. There is no charge but any amount of a donation is recommended.

"Since I started this, this month I've had a friend call me and his daughter got diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Stage Two and she has to have a pretty radical mastectomy. So we are going to donate the money to them. They don't want people to know this came about after we came up with the idea so it touched home a little bit more than normal," Sorenson explained.

Each month there will be a new sticker design and the proceeds going to another cause in need.

"I know on Christmas we'll do something to raise money to buy some family Christmas. We'll do something next month for prostate cancer,” Sorenson said. “I know in June Highway 30 does a big fundraiser so we'll do something for their fundraiser, help with their scholarship so we'll help for that one."

Next month’s sticker is already in the works to support prostate cancer and No-Shave November.

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