Bells will be ringing for those looking into giving

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Salvation Army bell ringers are now stationed throughout the country with their red kettles.

Nationally from November through Christmas Eve the Salvation Army sets up red kettles with volunteer bell ringers to raise money for those in need. The red kettles on average raise $30 per hour.

Venturing into the 21st century if patrons don't have bills or change to spare, there is now a way to swipe your credit card and donate money that way.

One local bell ringer Jon Chasse got involved with the Salvation Army in the 1980s with his father and when the opportunity presented itself to volunteer in the Magic Valley three years ago he jumped at the opportunity.

Last year he was the highest scorer among his area, which means during his shift he raised the most money. After spending time speaking with him it was easy to see why. Whether or not someone made a donation he wished them a merry Christmas and to have a great day.

What makes Chasse grateful for his job is the connection he makes with the community.

"The last two years there was a customer of the store who, he was just so jolly. He would hit this bucket on his way in and the other bucket on his way out. People like that just makes the job that much more fun," Chasse said.

If you want to donate something other than money, goods can be dropped off directly to a Salvation Army store.

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