Better Business Bureau reports increase in unemployment scams

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Better Business Bureau is seeing an increase in unemployment fraud reports.

PHOTO: Unemployment claim form, Photo Date: April 2014 (Source: MGN Photo - Julie Chasen / MGN)

It happens when scammers get hold of an unsuspecting consumer’s personal information, and file an unemployment claim without the victim knowing, and then they begin collecting checks.

The high number of individuals currently filling for unemployment creates the perfect environment for con artists to seek out a consumer’s personal information and cash in during a pandemic.

“The people thats information that is being compromised and the unemployment that is being filed in their name, their information was probably compromised a long time ago, and that it is being used by these con artist now in this way,” said Jeremey Johnson with the Better Business Bureau.

Additional information on protecting personal information is available at

Consumers are also encouraged to report unemployment fraud and other scams to

Visit the Idaho Department of Labor's website for more information about unemployment fraud in Idaho and ways to report it.

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