Better Business Bureau warns of Super Bowl gear scams

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Gearing up for the Super Bowl may be a game for some, but it's also a game for scammers. The Better Business Bureau said it's a time where con artists can get some money when a sports enthusiast is trying to support their team.

Jeremy Johnson, with the BBB, said through their scam tracker, they've seen quite a few reports of people across the Magic Valley and eastern Idaho ordering items and not getting them.

Scammers could be sending emails or put some fake advertisements on social media to get consumers to buy some of their sports gear.

However, the BBB urges to do some research, as one can find a good deal on a jersey, but is it a real deal?

"Not only are they luring you with a great deal, but the jersey's counterfeit or it might not be exactly what you think you're purchasing as well so you definitely want to be aware of where you're going, where you're putting your personal information and some of these links within these emails can also lead you to sites that aren't secure," Johnson said.

She also wants to remind consumers to never wire money or use prepaid debit cards as a payment.

They also want shoppers to keep this advice in mind while the NBA season in progress.

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