Better Business Bureau warns of tax season scams

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 5:04 PM MST
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March is in the middle of tax season, and the Better Business Bureau warns taxpayers to be cautious of scams.

Jeremy Johnson, with the BBB, said taxpayers could be scammed multiple ways, whether it's filing online or going to a public tax preparer.

If one is entering their personal information on a website, make sure that website is secure.

"As you’re looking for website, to look at that bar and make sure it says 'HTTPS' and that 's' is really essential because that means that website is secure and has been properly encrypted so you don’t want to be entering any of your personal or financial information that doesn’t have that 's' at the top," she said.

Most of the scams the BBB is seeing in the Magic Valley and eastern Idaho involve a person calling, claiming they are with the IRS.

'"The scammers have been very, very, they're very good at their craft, so they can have a case number, they may have a specific badge number," Johnson said. "All these things that can be very convincing, and many people they're in a quick panic and they don't have time to think things out, give up financial information or money to alleviate the situation."

If the IRS wants to contact someone, they will do it through mail, Johnson said. If a scammer calls and claims a taxpayer owes money, she said to not hesitate in hanging up the phone.

"Try to contact the IRS or the company that’s saying these things yourself and investigate yourself," she said.

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