Bigger TVs for less, leading up to Super Bowl

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - If you're in the market for a new television after watching the Super Bowl on an older set, maybe now is the time to buy one.

That's what Bob Fort thought before he decided to go to Quale's Electronics in Twin Falls.

What better way to watch sports other than a big screen, right?!

According to the National Retail Federation's spending survey, nearly eight percent of Americans planned to buy a new TV to watch the Super Bowl.

To target those consumers in addition to others, manufacturers offer bigger instant rebates and discounts around this time of year.

"Even a year ago, TV prices are down on average by 24 percent so people are buying bigger sets for less money," said Bruce Quale, manager of Quale's Electronics. "The bigger, the better, it seems like. The 75 and even 85 (inch sets) have been going well. The new 4K resolution has better, brighter, sharper pictures, especially on the bigger sets."

Based on what you're looking for, there is definitely a wide variety for everyone.

But for one shopper, it's not about color.

"I'm color blind, so the color doesn't make that much difference but I just like a bright sharp quality picture," explained Fort.

As a matter of fact, he wasn't even in the market to buy a TV in the first place.

"Actually, what happened was my remote went out so I came out to get a new remote. Before I left the house, I saw this ad on KMVT and Bruce said they had the big sale on so I asked about TVs when I was here. I figured if we have a new remote, we're gonna have a new TV," he said.

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