Bike riding safety throughout the summer

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — With summer finally here, more and more people are out bike riding, which means there is a higher chance of bicyclists not obeying the rules of the road.

Chris Cawthra, the co-owner of Bull Moose Bicycles spoke to KMVT about the advice he gives to bike riders.

"They need to follow all the same rules that vehicles need to," said Twin Falls Police Department Patrol Officer Elisha Batteiger. "If they are going to ride in the lane of traffic they need to come to complete stops at stop signs, they need to stop at red lights, they can't just go through it."

Batteiger says most avid bicyclists follow the rules, it's novice bicyclist who don't.

Chris Cawthra, co-owner of Bull Moose bicycles in downtown Twin Falls, has some advice when people are buying a bike.

*And just staying off the busy roads and using side streets and being very transparent is kind of the best way to stay out of danger," Cawthra said.

Batteiger agrees.

"There is a lot of trails around Twin Falls including the Canyon Rim Trail, which goes from Federation Point on Washington North, all the way down to Shoshone Falls now, that's a great place to ride," he said.

Bike riding doesn't have to be dangerous, if everyone pays attention.

"It doesn't have to be dangerous riding your bike around town, just be aware of drivers, be aware of pedestrians," Cawthra said.

By paying attention and following the rules of the road, Cawthra said hopefully there won't be as many accidents between cyclists and cars.

Batteiger reminds people sometimes it doesn't matter how good of a bike rider they are.

"You could be the best rider, but that doesn't mean all the cars are going to see you, and being at a disadvantage being on a bike and not in a vehicle, you want to make sure you are seen the best you can," Batteiger said.

Betteiger also reminds everyone to always wear a helmet.

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