Bill from Twin Falls rep. aims to improve Idaho public libraries

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Changes could be coming to Idaho public libraries in the near future. That's because a bill from Twin Falls Rep. Lance Clow would help public libraries monitor obscene and pornographic material accessed on personal devices through their networks.

The legislation just passed out of the State's House Education Committee, and Clow believes it will ultimately pass. Currently Idaho public libraries are required to monitor their own public computers to prevent minors from accessing such material, but not the personal devices individuals use to access the libraries public Wi-Fi. The Idaho Library Association has been a skeptic of the legislation for more than a year now.

"We don't see our public computers or our Wi-Fi being used to access pornographic materials on a widespread basis," said Erica Littlefield of the Twin Falls Public Library. "We do already do already have filtering on our internet computers and our Wi-Fi. So the bill wouldn't necessarily affect us at all."

KMVT spoke with Clow via phone, who said he's not claiming libraries in Twin Falls,or Twin Falls County are not following procedures in regards to their Wi-Fi networks. He is aware of several in the Gem State which are, but he cannot release their names. The representative also went on to say his bill does address funding for rural Idaho libraries with small budgets, and that he believes the bill will ultimately pass.

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