Bill introduced to test almost all rape kits in Idaho

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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A new bill has been introduced to the Idaho House of Representatives, which would test all sexual assault evidence kits.

The bill was introduced Thursday by Rep. Melissa Wintrow and calls for all sexual assault evidence kits, or rape kits, to be tested with "only rare exceptions."

While there have been previous laws passed regarding the testing of the kits, this bill would test all kits, except for ones with evidence that has been determined to be unfounded.

“So let’s say somebody alleged a crime occurred, we just never like, 'Oh, the alleged perpetrator was out of state, or not even really in state when it happened,' that would be evidence that would be unfounded,” Wintrow said.

In 2018, the Idaho State Police reported that 620 kits were brought to their labs for testing, 371 of which were tested. This new law, if passed, would ensure that those kits that can be tested, will be.

The total impact to the general fund would be $185,700, which includes a DNA forensic scientist.

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