Blaine County officials to issue mandatory shelter in place for residents

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Residents of Blaine County are being asked to shelter in place starting Thursday night following an order from health and government officials.

The announcement came Thursday during a press conference by Gov. Brad Little from Boise. The details of the order are still being finalized.

But shelter in place means all individuals must stay at home unless they need to perform essential activities like going to work, errands to pick up food, groceries or to seek medical care.

Residents are asked to be prompt with trips out of the house and to practice social distancing if they are outside recreating.

KMVT will keep the public updated on information as it becomes available.

The following is a press release sent by Blaine County officials:

"Per the announcement by Idaho Governor Brad Little at his 5 p.m. press conference (Thursday), the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare shall issue by tonight a mandatory shelter in place Order affecting all Blaine County jurisdictions in order to slow the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus within the community. As the order has not yet been finalized and issued, Blaine County and its cities wish to clarify its general meaning.

"Shelter in place means all individuals must stay at home unless they need to perform essential activities or go to work to provide essential business and government services. Many activities may continue, but people should return home promptly when these are completed. For example, individuals will be able to go to grocery stores and gas stations, pick up food-to-go at restaurants, or recreate outside provided they follow social distancing and other recommended self-care health practices. Business activities also may continue, but should be conducted from home as much as possible. As before, this is not a time to hoard supplies from local stores or online suppliers.

"People should continue to follow the best practices as recommended by the Public Health District, including following your doctor’s advice if you are ill, maintaining social distancing of at least six feet, washing hands thoroughly and frequently, and covering sneezes with a tissue or an elbow. If you are sick, limit your contact with others and stay in a room that is separate from the rest of your family to avoid further spread. Just because this is a shelter in place order does not mean isolate yourself in every way. Please remember to stay connected to your friends and family

"The guidance for this Shelter in Place order is similar to previous public health guidance, except it is mandatory. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has said it will issue the Shelter in Place order tonight. We will provide it to you, and any further guidance if needed, as soon as it is available.

"Information may be found on the Blaine County or any of the city websites. COVID-19 health guidance is available on the South Central Public Health District website. Blaine County’s Hotline number for the public to use for more information is 208-788-5504."

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