Blaine Schools to put levy measure on ballot

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Blaine County School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously Tuesday night to put a change in the levy on the ballot on March 13.

Years ago the district asked for a plant facilities levy of about $6 million. If residents vote for the change it would split the levy into two $3-million pots. One would be money for building technology (part of what the levy already does) and the other would be redirected to instruction.

District representative Heather Crocker said the district originally asked for the $6 million levy because they anticipated an increased enrollment that would require a new elementary school. When that didn’t happen they used the money for other projects: heating and ventilation improvements, and additions and improvements on existing buildings.

With two years left on the levy Crocker said they wanted to use the money somewhere else.

Crocker said the new allocation would allow the district to continue classes and programs in art, drama, world languages and Advanced Placement. It would also allow for a “modest salary increase” for teachers for recruitment and retention.

Without the reallocation Crocker said those may not happen, and the district might have to make cuts.

“Probably looking at larger class sizes and maybe some choices that the schools will end up making on prioritizing some of the electives and those other things that we offer,” she said.

Crocker said the change won’t affect the amount the district gets from taxpayers.

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