Blue dot in a red state: Blaine County's Democratic caucus

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HAILEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - Over 580 people pre-registered for Blaine County’s Democratic caucus, with over 1000 expected to show up Tuesday evening and pick their choice for presidential candidate.

“I would call us the blue marble on the red playground. We are really a democratic county. I think that the democratic presence makes a big difference in Idaho. As long as we are here and we are speaking, and we are listening to our voters, then it’s an important part of the entire process,” said Janie Davidson, Blaine County Democrats, Chair.

The Blaine County Democrats held their last caucus in 2012. 35 volunteers have been working since August to help make Tuesday’s caucus a reality.

“I’ve never been to a caucus before and it seemed like a good opportunity to learn what was going on and to be of service. I think people getting excited about elections is motivating and inspiring for others, so I imagine it’s going to be a little chaotic but that that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” said Alec Barfield, a volunteer.

Blaine County will send 12 delegates to the state Democratic meeting in June.

Those delegates will be determined on a proportional basis depending on who gets the most votes in Tuesday’s caucus.