Bluegill fish catch at Dierkes Lake to help manage county's mosquito population

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Wednesday morning at Dierkes Lake, Twin Falls County Pest Abatement gathered together to collect bluegill.

Twin Falls County Pest Abatement gathered at Dierkes Lake to collect Bluegill fish which will then be released into ponds. Bluegill eat mosquito larva (KMVT).

The public was invited to help.

"We invite the public so they can be a part of it," manager Brian Simper said. "While we are doing our best to try to prevent mosquitoes, the public has a lot they can do too. And this helps remind them. Drain standing water, eliminate habitat. We're doing our part by putting fish into areas where mosquito larva could be."d

Bluegill will eat the mosquito larva that live in ponds.

"We use nets, so we take the nets and we go out in the water, and we drag it in, and it picks up all the baby bluegill fish," Simper said. "The small ones, and then we measure them, we count each one of them, and then we put them in this truck here, and we take them to different ponds throughout the county and stock them and they are going to help us with our mosquito control."

The bluegill will be released into ponds in the county.

Simper said they caught around 200 bluegill Wednesday, which was how much their permit allowed them to catch.

Children that participated said their favorite part was "going in the water and catching fish."

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