Boise couple creates UFO-themed chicken coop | National cappuccino day

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(CBS) — Chicken coop from another world and flower deliverymen who may eat your flowers.

Goats doing human jobs and chickens from outer space? The animal kingdom has gone extra wild in today's take a look at this!

This Idaho chicken coop is out of this world. A Boise couple built the UFO-themed coop over the summer. The interior is climate-controlled so the chickens stay warm while on board.

The couple even added flashing lights to make it extra extraterrestrial. They're planning to add an automatic ramp in the future. The couple's stellar — or interstellar — efforts have them going viral.

A video on Facebook of their creation has close to one million views.
A northwestern business is using goats as deliverymen.

"Goatgrams" are a new service offered by a small Portland-area farm.
For $100, a locally-grown bouquet is delivered right to your door by a pair of goats. You then can choose to keep the bouquet or feed it to the hungry helpers.

Lately, it seems goats are helping out everywhere. Many cities and businesses are using them for weed and vegetation control, and chances are a yoga studio in your area offers a trendy "goat yoga" class.

Wednesday is national cappuccino day. Did you know the Italian coffee drink got its name from an order of Catholic clerics known as the capuchin friars? The group wore brown robes, similar to the color of the drink. That'll give you something weird to think about next time you're knocking back one of these tasty beverages.

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