Boise fire chief: Change Idaho's 'crazy' fireworks law

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Boise, IDAHO (KBOI) — Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan is calling for lawmakers to ban the sale of illegal fireworks in Idaho.

And he hopes the spectacular, but scary, Table Rock Fire will be the spark that convinces state legislators to do it.

"Right now, it is legal to sell illegal fireworks in Idaho as long as you sign an affidavit that you won't use them in Idaho," said Doan. "So we're going to make illegal fireworks truly illegal not only to purchase, but to possess and fire off."

Current law says that aerial fireworks can be purchased in Idaho as long as they person buying them signs an affidavit saying they will not shoot them off in Idaho. Non-aerial fireworks are legal to use in the state unless banned by city or county ordinances.

Fireworks -- we don't know what kind -- are cited as the cause of the Table Rock Fire that burned 2,500 acres in the foothills and destroyed one home.

Doan says the loophole sends a mixed message and tacitly endorses using illegal fireworks in the state. He plans to ask the Southwest Idaho Fire Chiefs board to beck him as he petitions lawmakers for the change. The Ada County sheriff is already on board with Doan.

"It's frustrating to have such a crazy law that you can buy something that's illegal but you can't use them," said Doan. "I think it's confusing to people and we need to change this."

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