Boy Scouts present Welcoming City resolution to City Council

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) “Refugee programs will not survive without our support,” said Dr. Mark Crandall.

Dr. Mark Crandall and a few Boy Scouts are presenting their request for a welcoming city resolution at Monday night’s Twin Falls city council meeting.

“We hope that they learn about government, how the city works, how the city council works and we're also hoping the city council listens to us and passes a welcoming resolution,” said Dr. Crandall.

The CSI refugee center is responsible for resettling refugee since 1980 through the United Nations.

“A lot of this has come to life because of the controversies with immigration and the refugee center in Twin Falls,” said Dr. Crandall.
Boise and Twin Falls are the only two cities in Idaho that resettle refugees.

One of the resettlement agencies in Boise closed their doors in February due to the decline in refugee numbers.

“I don't think how many people know how much our country has cut back in helping refugees from what we have always done for decades,” said Dr. Crandall.

Since Jan. 1 the CSI Refugee program has received 38 people.
Under new presidential administration they're expecting half of the refugees they normally get each year.

“They asked us for advocacy, they needed us to speak out on their behalf in their support,” said Dr. Crandall.

And for those that are confused a welcoming city declaration is different from a sanctuary city.

“It’s a symbolic statement. It has no impact on fiscal policy, it has no impact on law enforcement,” said Dr. Crandall.

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