UPDATE: Authorities identify fence vandals | Broken fences in Twin Falls neighborhoods among string of vandalism

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - UPDATE: The Twin Falls Police Department say they have identified the fence vandals after many were broken in Twin Falls neighborhoods, adding to the string of vandalism in the Magic Valley.

Authorities say the suspects are not in custody yet as they are still investigating.

The two suspects in the video have been identified as juveniles, and police have not released anymore information.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fences are broken in Twin Falls neighborhoods, adding to the string of vandalism in the Magic Valley.

Resident Ron Clem has been living in Twin Falls for 15 years and has been living on Carriage Lane for two years now.

On Sunday, his daughter woke him up, telling him that their fence was run into.

"It wasn't hit. It was vandalized," he said.

Since living here, he's never experienced anything like this.

"Within the 15 years that we've been here, this is a first. I mean it's starting to get out of control," Clem expresses.

His house among others down the road had their vinyl fences broken.

"The neighbor just down the block, he got vandalized too. He's got a big ol' hole in his fence," he said.

While his fence was broken, he was able to repair most of it.

"The damage that was done to ours isn't worth claiming our homeowners insurance, because it's not going to be that much," he continued. "But still, it's money out of my pocket during the holiday season that's unexpected."

The Twin Falls Police Department said they have seen an increase of vandalism occurring.

Police Officer J.P. O'Donnell with the Twin Falls Police Department said, "It's been randomly occurring at different areas throughout our town."

Authorities received a video of the vandalism happening. They believe it is a white '90s model Ford Truck with a four door crew cab. They think it was driven by teenagers or two males in their younger 20s.

"We want to put it to a stop," O'Donnell said.

He hopes that the community can assist in being their eyes and ears and to report what they see or hear.

Since having their fence broken, Clem started looking for surveillance cameras.

"It's just unnerving, the fact that we're not going to know what happens next," Clem said. "Is the house going to get broken into?"

He said as he went to Costco Sunday, he found people in the same aisle looking or cameras.

"A couple people we talked to, their house was broken into... It's not just the vinyl fence, it's also people breaking into people's house and its just getting out of hand," he said.

The past few weeks in the Magic Valley, windows have been broken at stores and car windows in Twin Falls have been smashed.

The Twin Falls Police Department said for those vandals in the city, they are currently not related.

"Our police officers and our detectives are diligently working towards finding the suspects and arresting the suspects for this, and ultimately bring this to a stop in our community," O'Donnell said.

As for if they should worry about more vandalism, he said the citizens of the community need to "stay diligent."

"If we see something, say something. Call the police department," O'Donnell continued. "If it doesn't seem right, its probably not right."

If anyone has any information on the truck or the people driving, contact the police department 208-735-4357.

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