Buhl man arrested for felony child enticement

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BLAINE COUNTY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Tuesday February 5, 2019 at approximately 5:50 p.m., Jacobo Ramirez-Aguilar, age 26 of Buhl, Idaho was arrested on a Blaine County warrant for Felony Child Enticement through the use of the Internet, I.C. 18-1509A.

Ramirez-Aguilar was taken into custody without incident in Buhl, Idaho by detectives from the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and the Idaho State Police and booked into the Twin Falls County Detention Center. The bond on the warrant was $50,000.

The investigation discovered Ramirez-Aguilar began messaging a 14 year old girl living in Blaine County, Idaho in December 2018. Ramirez-Aguilar was allegedly asking the girl to engage in sexual acts with him. The messages were discovered by her parents and quickly turned over to authorities. Ramirez-Aguilar was identified and located living in Buhl, Idaho.

Sheriff Harkins would like to remind parents if they have children with social media accounts it is very important to monitor and be involved in their online activity. “Nationwide we see many cases that evolve just like this one. Remaining vigilant to online predators is essential for the safety of our children,” said Harkins.

Ramirez-Aguilar will be set for a future hearing in Blaine County after his initial arraignment in Twin Falls.

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