Bur buttercup — A problem for both city officials and residents

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A couple of things that impact Twin Falls residents is their money and quality of life. One noxious weed is impacting residents in both of those areas.

"It's called bur buttercup," said Sean Standley, the code enforcement coordinator for Twin Falls. "It does affect the quality of life for citizens. It does put the bur into bicycle tires, the bottoms of your shoes, and they do get dragged around."

City officials are warning residents to get rid of the problematic plant on their property or risk being fined. Jerry Wolfe, a resident of Twin Falls, received a warning at his front door indicating he has 7 days to get rid of the bur buttercup weed or that he would be fined $100.

"The thing that gets me is the time notice that they give us to get rid of it," Wolfe said.

The warning Wolfe received is intended to be a form of education for city residents and usually affords 7-10 days for residents to address the bur buttercup. The fines can increase to $200 and then $300 if the problem is not addressed.

"I got things I got to do," Wolfe says. "My wife works a full-time job. It's not like we got time to do it. By the time we get our notices, it's usually happens during the week of bad weather."

Although the fines are just as pesky as the weed itself, the city is willing to work with residents on a managable deadline to avoid the fines.

"We prefer to work with citizens before fines," Standley said. "If they do call in and need some, need to know how to take care of the problem. We'll extend that deadline out."

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