Burley Fire Department receives new fire engine

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Burley Fire Department has added a new truck to their fleet, bringing the total number of engines up to four.

Burley Fire Department receives new fire engine (KMVT/Jake Manuel Brasil)

Burley Fire Department Fire Chief Shannon Tolman tells KMVT that this new addition is going to make a big difference in keeping the Burley community safe.

KMVT got a chance to get up close to the new fire truck, and compare it to their older ones.

At first glance it can easily be noticed that this new engine is a lot bigger in both cab and storage size. Tolman tells KMVT that this is a custom cab, which means that it can fit up to four firefighters in the front comfortably.

Tolman told KMVT they are really excited to have this engine and to serve the community better.

"We are just excited to support the community better, and I think is a good step into the future for us. We are looking at maybe building another station on north side of the tracks and maybe get another engine for that," Tolman said.

The total cost was right around $600,000, and the engine was driven overnight from Wisconsin. There will also be an upcoming training for the firefighters to help them operate the truck to the best of their abilities.

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