Burley High students explore teaching careers with Future Teachers Club

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Students at Burley High School (BHS) have the chance to join the Future Teachers club that promotes higher education.

“I think a lot of kids grow up wanting to be teacher. They go to school from the time they're 5 to 6 years old, and they see these role models and they think it will be cool, ” Vice Principal Andrew Wray said.

Wray is also the adviser for the club and hopes it encourages students to see if teaching is right for them.

“My hope is to get kids to get into teaching and not be afraid of the salaries — (one) of the reasons that people don’t go into education now,” Wray said.

The club offers hands-on experience by going to elementary schools and offering open discussions on what teachers make for a living.

“We actually have a meeting coming up. It's called our 'salaries and benefits meeting'. (We're) going to have all the seniors come and I’m going to be an open book. They're going to ask me how much does a starting teacher get paid, what is health insurance...” he said.

He brought the club to BHS after talking with a representative from the Idaho State University Future Educators Association and felt it was a great opportunity.

“I was expecting 20 to 30 (students) the first meeting, had 66 kids showed up and we had more join since then,” he added.

Emma Gibbson is a senior at BHS, and she joined the club after the first announcement was made.

“I got super excited about it, and I was excited to invest my future in that,” Gibbson said.

She also runs the club as the president and will continue to pursue her teaching career.

“I want to go into early childhood education and teach kindergarten,” she said.

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